Pregnancy After a Blighted ovum

2nd Pregnancy, No Blighted Ovum

February 2, 2014


So I thought I had better post on my second pregnancy. As you will see from the post on the home page my first pregnancy ended in a blighted ovum and hence the reason I set up this site in order to support or just share knowledge with other people who had also suffered in the same way.

One worry that people have, who have had a blighted ovum in the past, is that it will happen to them again. I know that this is still possible and a very small minority of ladies have this happen to them, but in the majority of cases a blighted ovum is a one off and the next pregnancy goes pretty smoothly. Well this is the case for me and I am now in the later stages of my second pregnancy with a healthy boy. Of course I worried at the first scan that the same thing would happen but all was fine.

So in case you are worrying the chances of a second blighted ovum are very slim.

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