Blighted Ovum Miscarriage

Eventually, when you have a blighted ovum diagnosed, it will lead to a miscarriage. Unfortunately, this may not happen for some time. It does depend on when you get diagnosed and the circumstances around it – for example if you have gone to hospital to have a scan because you have had extensive spotting or bleeding with some cramps then the miscarriage may happen sooner rather than later because it may already have started.


However, if you just go in at an early stage for a routine scan or for some minor cramps and spotting then you may have to wait a while for a miscarriage to happen naturally. As the body still thinks you are pregnant it may take some time for it to realise that there is no fetus or embryo contained in the gestational sac. In any case, at the 12 week stage, when the body catches up and the placenta starts to take over, the body will start to realise then that there is no embryo.


Blighted ovum miscarriage can take place earlier than this though and each situation is different. Once you have been diagnosed with a blighted ovum your doctor will monitor you and most of the time it will be up to you to decide whether you wait for a natural miscarriage or opt for medical intervention. There are 3 options for blighted ovum miscarriage:

  1. Wait for it to happen naturally
  2. Induce miscarriage with drugs
  3. Have a D&C
Unfortunately, even if you wait for a natural miscarriage, in some cases a D&C may be required to clean out any left over tissue if it does not disperse by itself. However, many ladies opt to wait for a natural miscarriage and this is the end of their story and no further medical intervention is required. It can come to a point though where the mental stress of waiting is worse that the physical pain of a miscarriage.

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