Blighted Ovum Picture

In an ultrasound image a blighted ovum will usually only show a gestational sac although in some cases you might also see a fetal pole and/or an egg sac. However, a true blighted ovum does not have either of these, just a void where the embryo should be.

Below are two pictures of a blighted ovum. The first picture shows a blighted ovum picture taken at 7+4 weeks but showing a gestational sac that measures 13mm. The sac is quite close to the fallopian tube and the measurement would equate to a gestational age of 5 weeks.

The second picture is a blighted ovum at 8+4 weeks – the gestational sac is nearer the center of the uterus and measures 17mm by 11mm, much smaller than it should do at that stage.

blighted ovum picture

Blighted Ovum measuring 5 weeks - picture taken at 7+4

blighted ovum picture

Blighted Ovum measuring 5+4 at 8+4 weeks

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