Information about Having a Blighted Ovum

When you have a blighted ovum you may still get traditional pregnancy symptoms or you may have few signs of pregnancy. Many women have all the traditional pregnancy symptoms like nausea and sore breasts, plus the bloating.

However, what we are talking about in this case are whether there are specific signs that your pregnancy may be a blighted ovum pregnancy. Blighted ovum symptoms may be few and far between, if you get any symptoms at all and can be totally normal symptoms of pregnancy. The majority of people who suffer with a blighted ovum do not realise that anything is wrong at all until they have an ultrasound. Because of the lack of any ‘abnormal’ type symptoms, or signs that anything could be wrong, for most women it is a devastating shock to find out that the pregnancy is not viable. They also have to deal with the feelings that come up around the fact that an embryo did not develop when they thought they were carrying a healthy baby. But one thing is certain, that if youhad a blighted ovum, you were still pregnant and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your body was producing pregnancy hormones and you were for all intents and purposes carrying the start of a new life.

The truth is that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to tell if you have a blighted ovum and really the only way to know for sure is by having the ultrasound scan done so that they can look at your uterus and determine if there is an embryo present or not or just the gestational sac.

Having said that, it is possible that if you have a blighted ovum you may experience symptoms of red-brown spotting (doesn’t have to be very heavy) and some cramping. However, a lot of pregnancies experience spotting and cramping and there is nothing wrong so this symptom alone should not lead you to believe that you have a blighted ovum.

Because the body will still think that you are pregnant, it is entirely possible that you will get through your first trimester without knowing that you have a blighted ovum. Obviously this can be very distressing to get to 12 weeks when you think you are over the worst part and find that the embryo never developed. This is only going to happen though in places where the first scan that you get is not until the 12 weeks mark (like in the UK if you do not have a history of pregnancy problems).

The majority of blighted ovum pregnancies are diagnosed much earlier than 12 weeks however, so it is highly unlikely that you will get as far as 12 weeks and then be diagnosed. Most women will either experience spotting or cramping, have an ultrasound, or start to miscarry earlier than 12 weeks. may find out between 6 and 9 weeks in fact, judging from the many stories of women who have had blighted ova.

So, if you do have any spotting and/or cramping then it is worth speaking to your doctor to get an early ultrasound scan.


  1. diamond
    2:09 am on September 21st, 2012

    I went to my doctor for my check up today and find out I had an empty sac. I’m 11 weeks i will be 12 weeks monday. But my doctor want me to have D&C what should i do.

  2. admin
    9:02 am on September 21st, 2012

    Hi diamond, first of all I am so sorry to hear this, my heart goes out to you. If you have got to the stage of nearly 12 weeks with just an empty sac then your doctor is probably telling you to have a D&C because your body is not miscarrying on it’s own. As the embryo should have formed at least 6 weeks ago it should really be miscarrying by now. You can wait for a natural miscarriage (although I expect your doctor wouldn’t want you to wait much longer) or go for a second opinion, but at this stage it is likely clear cut that a blighted ovum is the diagnosis. so, if you are happy with it, I would likely take your doctor’s advice.

  3. tiffany
    1:11 am on September 22nd, 2012

    i went for an ultrasound thinking i was 6 weeks along. the ultrasound showed an empty gestationsl sac. the dr said he thinks im not as far along as i thought. he sent me for a beta test.

    i have a retroverted uterus tilted back in the most severe angle.
    beta test came back at 255.
    is it possible i have a blighted ovum?

  4. admin
    7:24 am on September 22nd, 2012

    Hi Tiffany, well although it is possible that you have a blighted ovum it is also possible at this stage that you do not. If you are out with your dates then it is quite possible (also with a retro erred uterus) that you will only see a gestational sac right now. I expect your doc will send you for 2 betas to see if the numbers are doubling and also another ultrasound in a week or so. I would still see reason to be optimistic about a good outcome right now due to the fact that you are at early stages, but keep in mind that it is possible that it may be a blighted ovum. Good luck.

  5. mary grace torres
    12:41 am on October 19th, 2012

    hi im 34 yrs. old i noticed that im 10 days misperiod and found out my pregnancy test is equivocal i see a doctor and made a b-hcg it is 315 but i have a brownish spoting for 10 consecutive days after 48hrs.of test the doctor repeated the test it become 485 but stiil i have spoting but not painpul you think it is blighted ovum. doctor told me we will wait to become 1000 above th test to see in the ultrasoud.

  6. admin
    10:46 pm on October 19th, 2012

    Hi Mary grace I am sorry to hear that. It does sound possible that it is a blighted ovum as the hcg has not doubled in 48 hours but it will be clearer to know what is going on once you get an ultrasound. I wish you the best of luck that this is not the case.

  7. Yessenia
    4:58 am on December 17th, 2012

    6 weeks 5 days doc saw no fetus with a vaginal ultrasound

  8. admin
    2:17 pm on December 17th, 2012

    I’m so sorry Yessenia, hopefully you will be able to get another scan just to make sure. It is still quite early but if your dates are right then the diagnosis seems that it would be correct. If your dates are out by a couple of weeks though you could still be ok. A second scan after a week will usually confirm either way. x

  9. sarah
    3:26 pm on December 21st, 2012


    I went in for us I thought I was 6 weeks 6 days but the us tech said it showed 4 wks 6 days but they could only see the sac. They said that was not good. My hcg on that date was 5428 and than almost 40 hrs later my hcg was a little over 6000 they said i had a miscarage and that i need a d&c if i dont bleed in 10 days. I did have some brownish discharge when i went to the bathroom but only a little maybe a penny size. Is it possible its to early to tell? Could I still be preg. and everything is ok?

  10. admin
    4:46 pm on December 21st, 2012

    Hi sarah I am very sorry to hear that. Although I will say nothing is impossible, it sounds extremely likely that you will miscarry. HCG numbers should double in 48 hours And as they have not gone up that much that is not a good sign. A blighted ovum will often show as only a sac dating at around 4-5 weeks so if you have yr dates right then this seems a likely diagnosis. If you have had a small amount of brown spotting then it is possible then you will miscarry naturally albeit it may take a week or two. Doctors vary as to whether they will let you try and miscarry naturally or if they prefer to intervene but really you should be given a choice unless there is a medical reason that they recommend a D&C.

  11. Maheswari
    6:15 am on December 26th, 2012

    Hi, I have my last period on 27-Oct-2012, after y missed period on november, i have checked home pregnancy test on 3-Dec-2012. it was possitive. i went for an U/S on 13-12-2012. there was a sac. and i went on yesterday(25-12-2012) for an U/S. the doctor says may be it is blighted ovam or Early pregnancy. i am so much worried. really am i have blighted Ovum?

  12. Maheswari
    6:16 am on December 26th, 2012

    and i forget to tel u that i dont have any spotting or vaginal bleeding or pain anything

  13. admin
    10:47 am on December 26th, 2012

    Hi maheswari, so it sounds like you should be around 8 weeks pregnant by now. At this stage you should be able to detect a heartbeat. Unfortunately if only a sac was seen then it sounds quite likely that it could be a blighted ovum even if you have had no spotting. I’m so sorry for this. The doctor will tell you the best course of action from here in case you do not miscarry naturally.

  14. Steph
    8:37 pm on January 31st, 2013

    Hi, I have a possible blight ovum. So far I have has 3 scans the sac increasing each time 10mm 18mm and 22mm but nothing inside. :( It is possible I still may be only 6 weeks 2 days so I have another scan on Tuesday. Could it be a positive outcome. I have had spotting for 2 weeks but that’s stopped now. It was a week after sex and a week after the first internal scan. I am still having morning sickness sore boobs and feel pregnent. My tummy has grown as well. Thanks for any help.

  15. admin
    5:30 am on February 1st, 2013

    Hi steph, I’m so sorry you are going through this. It does sound likely that it is a blighted ovum if they have scanned 3 times and found nothing. Even with a BO the sac does increase in size and you still get pregnancy symptoms. There is always a small glimmer of hope as there are a small number of stories where this can turn around but it does seem likely that the doctor is right so I don’t want to get your hopes up. X

  16. chathura
    12:59 pm on February 3rd, 2013

    R u a doctor?

  17. admin
    2:27 pm on February 3rd, 2013

    Hi chathura, no I am not a doctor, see the home page for full information about why I set up this site.

  18. Maria
    10:32 am on February 11th, 2013

    Hi, I am a 33 year old women. This is my my first pregnancy attempt and have been told that I most likely have a blighted ovum. I had my last period on 24 December 2012 and tested positive on the home pregnancy test on 31 January 2013. My hcg levels measured 6850 on 4 February 2013. I went for my first US on 5 February and was told that I had a 99% chance of a blighted ovum; nothing besides the sac (which measured 20mm. I have a second US on Thursday. I have had no types of bleeding or strong pain. Is there any chance that they may be wrong? Thank you for any help and advice. Maria

  19. admin
    5:19 pm on February 11th, 2013

    Hi maria, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. So it sounds like you would have been about 6 weeks when you had the ultrasound. At this stage there should be more to see than a sac so it is most likely a blighted ovum. However they can confirm this only really after the next scan on Thursday when it will be much more certain that this is the case if they can still only see a sac. Many people do not get any bleeding or spotting until later on so it is true you may not have had any signs that this was anything but a normal pregnancy.

  20. Maria
    8:18 am on February 12th, 2013

    Thank you for your reply and support. Assuming that the blighted ovum will be confirmed what are typically the next steps?
    Thank you. Maria

  21. admin
    1:36 pm on February 12th, 2013

    Maria, I have to stress that I am not a doctor, but from my experience and from others I know who have gone through the same thing, it may depend on your doctor. I know that some doctors recommend that you have a D&C (although this is usually if the blighted ovum is confirmed a bit later in the pregnancy) but others may give you the choice to decide to wait it out and miscarry naturally or else give you some medical assistance to start the miscarriage (in the form of tablets). Many people do miscarry naturally and if you want to wait it out for a bit then you should be able to do that unless the doctor has specific reasons why you shouldn’t.

  22. Maria
    2:29 pm on February 12th, 2013

    Thank you once again for the support, much appreciated. Thursday is coming up soon so should have some clarification soon.

  23. Maheswari
    5:41 am on March 25th, 2013

    Thank you so much for your reply. I was miscarried by naturally on 28-12-2012. My doctor said that my uterus is good after miscarriage. She told me to wait up to next period to get pregnant again. my next period came on 29-01-2013 and 23-02-2013. I am not yet have my period for march month. on 21-03-2013, i saw some spotting. after that no spotting and no bleeding. Before my miscarriage my cycle length was 28 days. but i dont know now is regular or irregular. i have taken pregnancy test today morning. but i came negative and i dont have any symptom of pregnancy

  24. admin
    1:47 pm on March 25th, 2013

    I’m sorry that your pregnancy did end in miscarriage Maheswari but good to hear that your uterus is all clear. From experience and hearing about other people it is likely that your cycles will be irregular for a few months at least – mine took 3 months before the 4th month was back to normal. So I would say stick with it and hopefully things will even themselves out soon. x

  25. cristina
    3:11 am on April 3rd, 2013

    I’m so confused about this. I have a positive pregnancy test, i was having pain and went to the ER. Doctor said i had an incomplete pregnancy but he sent me for a checkup with my clinic. I go to the clinic and they tell me i am.pregnant. I have a high hormone level but im experiencing very light spotting. When i go pee and wipe the toilet paper is pinkish redish. My breast are tender, i have begun to have nausea and a lot of fatigue, my back hurtnts very constantly like if i were to get my period soon. I dont know what is going on. The doctors dont tell me exactly what i have and i just cant wait any longer :'(
    All the symptoms of a regular pregnancy, miscarriage

  26. admin
    9:53 am on April 3rd, 2013

    Hi Cristina, I’m not surprised that you are confused. Did either the Doctor or the clinic do an ultrasound? If the doc did and that is why he said it is an incomplete pregnancy then he should have referred you for another scan for confirmation a week or 2 later. You don’t say how far along you are but if it is really early stages (4-5 weeks) then spotting can be common. If it is later and they did an ultrasound then you really need further advice from either your clinic or another doctor. Just tell them you don’t understand what is happening and maybe they can explain more. Good luck.

  27. Pebs
    3:04 am on April 4th, 2013

    Hi, my last period was 2-28-13 and i missed my period last 3-28-13. 3-27-13 had a beta hcg, the result is 51.9 my doctor told me it was elevated and positive i took a home pregnancy test still positive. but as of today my pregnancy test result is negative. still mis my period today. Do i have a chance to be pregnant?

  28. admin
    9:25 pm on April 4th, 2013

    Hi Pebs, it sounds like you may have had a chemical pregnancy if your tests are now negative. Did you do a couple of tests to check? Maybe your doctor can do another hcg test but if your tests are no longer positive then it may well be that your period turns up very soon. I hope not and wish you the best.

  29. Jeannine
    12:57 am on April 11th, 2013

    From my calculations I am 5weeks 2 days. I had some light spotting so I had a transvaginal ultrasound today that showed only a sac. My HCG levels are high at 61,000. I have to have repeat HCG on Friday. Whats the chance that things will be ok????

  30. admin
    8:02 am on April 11th, 2013

    Hi Jeannine, I think that at this early stage there is definitely a chance that all is ok as it is really too early to be seeing much on the ultrasound. Good luck.

  31. Renee
    4:58 pm on April 12th, 2013

    Hello, Sunday when I was 6wks I started spotting very light pink. Went to the ER and they did a blood test and ultrasound (said I measured at only 5 1/2wks) and said everything was fine and my levels went up from two weeks prior.So it was a threatened miscarriage. I was also told I had BV and was given a gel that seem to have made me at first have the spotting to go away then I started spotting blood then it stopped so I stopped taking the gel all together. Since then I have been spotting brown and pink with something that looks like chunks of brown toilet tissue with mild cramps. Dr. said yesterday I could have a blight ovum b/c ER only saw a sac and with my hcg levels being 4800 we should have seen a fetal pole but my cervix was closed. I know the exact date of my last period so now I should be 7wks and now waiting for my blood test to see if the hcg levels are going up. Help!

  32. Jeannine
    6:29 pm on April 12th, 2013

    So my repeat HCG went up from 61 000 to 85 000, if it was a BO would the HCG rise that much in 40 hrs???? I have a repeat ultrasound Tuesday. This waiting is sooooo hard :(

  33. admin
    8:09 pm on April 12th, 2013

    Hi Renee, really the only way you can confirmation blighted ovum is with an ultrasound as hcg levels will still rise. Hopefully the spotting is from the BV but it is possible it is a BO. I hope that you get some more answers next time you see the doctor.

  34. admin
    8:10 pm on April 12th, 2013

    HCG does still rise with a BO but hopefully a rise like that is a good sign, I’ll keep everything crossed for a good outcome on Tuesday.

  35. Nik Zamri
    3:52 am on April 16th, 2013

    Hi, my wife 37 y/o, first day of last period was 17/2. She had a first u/s scan during 5wk pregnant and Dr. said its too early. She continue with Duphaston and folic acid vitamin prescribed. We came for next appt yesterday 15 April and Dr done vaginal u/s scan and did not see our baby except the normal size sac at 8wk pregancny. Dr. advised to wait for another 1 week and if still -ve than DnC.

    This is her 2nd pregnancy. We had a wonderful baby girl after 9 years of marriage (spontenous pregnancy after infertility) and she is 1 years 10 month now. My wife seems very sad right now, I ask her to go for 2nd opinion but she want to wait for another week or two coz she can’t cope with the bad news now. Is it safe to wait? Should I ask her to stop Duphaston? Dr said this is to strenghten her womb and she take it since first pregnancy with no problem. Appreciate your advice and sharing. Thank you very much.

  36. admin
    3:35 pm on April 16th, 2013

    Hi Nik, firstly I’ve very sorry to hear this diagnosis but also congratulations on your little girl :-)
    I must reiterate that I am not a doctor so I would not give any advice about whether or not you should take any meds. If there was only a sac seen at 8 weeks though this does sound like a blighted ovum and it is unlikely that any second opinion would change that. But this is also why they do 2 scans to double check. In theory, unless the doctor says there is any reason, you can wait a bit longer before having another scan. Whenever she goes for this it is not going to be easy so it might be that putting it off may not help but I guess we all need to do what we feel like in our own time. I wish you the best.

  37. Clare
    8:41 am on April 25th, 2013

    Hi, i hope you might be able to help. I had a scan on Friday but all they could see was an empty sac, i should have been 5+5, i have another scan tomorrow, im so scared. Any advice greatly received x

  38. Robin
    12:25 pm on April 25th, 2013

    Hello. I just want to say that it’s extremely kind of you to respond so carefully and personally to each comment you get. That’s really gracious of you. I do have a question. If you have a blighted ovum, how long, usually, before you miscarry on your own? Is there an average time? Thanks.

  39. claudia
    1:32 pm on April 25th, 2013

    Hi, im sord of confused….my lmp was feb 7. So on my 1st prenatal visis I assumed I was 8 weeks pregnant. I got an ultrasound that showed a sac and what looked like an embryo, but no heart beat. She said i was only 6 weeks along and it was too early to see a heart beat. When I came back 2 weeks later the ultra sound showed an emty sac. Now waiting for lab results on my hcg levels.

  40. claudia
    1:38 pm on April 25th, 2013

    Oh and no bleeding or spotting. Fatigued alot and back ache, and pressure in my cervix when im walking around for too long.

  41. admin
    7:40 pm on April 25th, 2013

    No problem Robin, it is such a horrible experience to go through.
    There isn’t really an average time I would say. Some miscarry naturally and some have to wait for a D&C so each is different, that is th eproblem, no one knows how it will turn out :-(

  42. admin
    7:42 pm on April 25th, 2013

    So sorry claudio, to be honest hcg levels can’t really tell you much at tis stage I would think as it is really the ultrasound that will show what is happening.

  43. admin
    7:44 pm on April 25th, 2013

    Clare I think 5+5 is quite early so I would wait to see what they say tomorrow, good luck.

  44. Louisa
    8:24 am on May 9th, 2013

    I have quite a few pregnancy symptoms including being 3 days late but still no positive test. I’m confused about what this means. I am never normally this late on my period and coupled with sore, veiny breasts and some light brown spotting, mild cramps on and off, some low back ache occasionally and spots (I never get spots) I can’t help thinking I’m pregnant. Is it possible that my hcg levels are slow to rise or that there is a problem like a blighted ovum or similar? Please advise if you can. Thanks

  45. Jessica
    12:18 am on May 11th, 2013

    Hey I just had a quick question. I had my last period 4/8-4/13 then I bled again 4/16-4/18(estimation). I then took a pregnancy test about 4/21 and it came out positive when I went to the ER just to make sure everything was alright. When I called my OBGYN to get an appointment to recheck my HCG levels they said I was up in the 10,000 so everything looked good, when rechecked they said that they were going up the way they are suppose to. They made an appointment to have an ultrasound and the Dr said it was a blighted ovum… I have a tilted uterus and with my last period is there a chance that it could just be misdiagnosed?

  46. Jessica
    12:20 am on May 11th, 2013

    Also I have not started bleeding, spotting or hurting this was even when I was on my period I did not hurt. Thank you.

  47. admin
    4:57 pm on May 13th, 2013

    Hi Jessica, sorry for the delay in replying but I have been away without internet. I’m not sure what the bleeding would have been at 4/16-18 but if your last period was 4/8 then that would make you about less than 5 weeks at diagnosis which seems very early to be calling it a blighted ovum – especially with a tilted uterus like you say. I would have to say that under 5 weeks to me would be too early to make that call. But then I am not a doctor. personally I would be waiting it out a bit longer before assuming that is correct. Good luck.

  48. admin
    5:00 pm on May 13th, 2013

    Hi Louisa, for some reason I did not see the notification of your comment, I’m sorry about that. I wonder if you have an answer by now. I would say that if you are getting negative tests then it is more than likely to be correct although there is a slim chance as some people for some reason do not show positive on tests until later. Unfortunately a lot of pregnancy symptoms are also like those of pre-period so sometimes it is difficult to tell. Blighted ovum normally does not give lower hcg levels in the beginning so that would probably not be an indicator. A few things can cause a late period and stress is one of them as you may know. Even the stress of waiting for your period and wondering if you are pregnant which is a bit of a catch 22!

  49. Shellie
    8:55 am on May 24th, 2013

    I am so lost and confused/depressed right now… LMP was 3/29, and was testing for ovulation which showed positive 4/12, pos preg test 5/11. Puts me at 8 wks preg today. had US 2 days ago and tech just saw empty sack possibly with some yolk, stating that I was only 4-5 weeks along and to reschedule US and initial OB appointment for 2 weeks. She also stated “everything looks great, looks healthy.” I then got a call yesterday from doc to come back next week for US instead. I know that my dates are not off, especially by 3-4 weeks… After research I now know that it is most likely a blighted ovum, I just don’t understand why the tech would say such things after i kept telling her i was positive about dates and was almost 8 weeks. Now i just am so upset and cry off and on just thinking about it. I know my husband is just trying to help, but keeps telling me there is nothing to be upset about because everything is fine, that we will see this week, and if not we will just keep trying. I just can’t seem to help but to be depressed. I want to have that little glimmer of hope, but I just don’t think it is realistic. Is it silly for me to be so depressed without getting the confirmation yet?? when I go back 5/28 for US, if still empty is it pointless to want them to check hcg levels??

  50. admin
    9:31 am on May 24th, 2013

    Hi Shellie, I am so sorry for what you are going through. You have every right to be confused and depressed and I would say a bit angry too. It is bad when a medical professional does not take notice of what we say, particularly when we know our dates exactly. It sounds like the doctor looked at the results from the u/s tech and knew that she was wrong. As you say, you know you are 8 weeks so for sure you should see more than that and I am afraid it does sound like a blighted ovum at this stage. If you were in any way unsure of your dates then I would say hold on for what he doc says, but you know your body. No it is not silly of you to be depressed, you have every right to be. I think that there is always a tiny glimmer of hope that things may not be as they seem but it sounds like that is very small. I never want people to give up hope totally as I am sure you have read the stories like I have of people being misdiagnosed etc but these are very rare cases and sometimes for me anyway I think it is better to be realistic. Sorry I have gone on a bit but I am annoyed that you have had what looks to be a misdiagnosis by perhaps someone without enough experience in this field. I hope the doctor can give you some answers and if required a massive apology for treating you like this, although obviously I hope for that glimmer that everything is really ok. Best wishes.

  51. RK
    10:54 pm on May 27th, 2013

    I had an iui on 4/22 and went in for an u/s on 5/21. The doc said there was a ges sac and a yoke sac, and a pole but no heartbeat yet.i measured at 5w 4 days. They did my beta test and pogesterone and both came back outstanding. My beta went up by 71%. Went back in for an u/s on 5/24, still no heartbeat. The doc said he was still optimistic and most of the time they don’t have you come back for 10days. He said it could still just be too early. I have another week to wait. It’s hard bc I am so hopeful and worried and the waiting is hard. Are there any other indicators?

  52. admin
    6:39 am on May 28th, 2013

    Hi RK. Yes I would definitely stay optimistic. With a blighted ovum you don’t usually see a yolk sac and a pole. Also a heartbeat often can’t be detected until 6 weeks or possibly shortly afterwards. I’ll keep everything crossed for you.

  53. Shellie
    4:25 pm on May 30th, 2013

    Thank you for your prompt response. I think it is wonderful that you offer this site, as well as support for people who are trying to understand and deal with this. I am quite pleased to report that we went for our follow-up u/s and saw a heartbeat!!! Had US when I was (or should have been) 8w4d and measured at 6w2d, but I am not going to argue at this point… I don’t know how it is possible, and I am very confused at this point, but (it seems) I conceived 2+ weeks after I tested positive for ovulation. So now although my LMP and OPK put my EDD at 1/3, according to US EDD is now 1/19.

  54. admin
    5:08 pm on May 30th, 2013

    Wow that is fantastic news shellie, I am so pleased for you. Perhaps you ovulated very late or even twice for those dates to be right, it does seem strange but you can’t argue with seeing the heartbeat. Just goes to show that sometimes our body does strange and miraculous things :-)

  55. Aki
    11:56 am on June 3rd, 2013

    Hi my last lmp was 19/4/13.taken pregnancy test twice was negative went for scan noted to have someting like a sac measuring 4 weeks.but now having pv spotting my next scan is on the 7/6/13.worried

  56. admin
    1:19 pm on June 3rd, 2013

    Hi Aki, I’m a bit unsure why they sent you for a scan if a pregnancy test was negative but obviously they knew something if they saw a sac. If you are only measuring 4 weeks then it is too early to tell much I would think as it depends on when you ovulated as to how far along you would be. I think all you can do is wait it out unfortunately and hope that you get more information at your next scan. Good luck.

  57. Aki
    1:57 am on June 4th, 2013

    They sent me for a scan since i have hx of ectopic pregnancy n i was having pain at the left illac fossa..during the scan they saw a cyst at the left ovary n a sac looking features in the uterus..

  58. admin
    7:26 pm on June 4th, 2013

    Good that they seem to know what they are doing then and are keeping an eye on you. Best of luck to you Aki.

  59. elizabeth
    11:45 pm on June 8th, 2013

    ok so here is the scoop. my last period was april 5 2013 and i took pregnancy test all through may finally got my first positive may 23. it was a faint positive but could deff see a line. yesterday i went to the er because i passed a really really small clot and had some spotting meaning that it was just was when i wiped. didnt even get on my underwear. but they did an vaginal u/s and they said that they couldnt see anything so no baby or heartbeat it could be an ectopic, miscarriage, or just too early to tell i only spotted for about 12 hours and it never got bad it was just light pinkish. im not spotting anymore. my hcg was 7500 i have to go back friday for the second blood test but when i called the dr they said that i was going to see the dr first instead of a blood test. i have had some minor cramps but nothing bad has anybody went though this could it be a miscarriage. i had an ectopic back in october 2012 and it dont feel like one any help would be great. thank ya all. :)

    the results on the ultrasound was they saw a yolk sac, i have 2 cysts on my ovaried, no fetal pole. please help i dont go back to the doctor till wednesday

  60. admin
    1:35 pm on June 9th, 2013

    Hi elizabeth it’s so difficult to now what is going on in this situation, I’m sorry you are having to go through it. Do you normally have Long cycles? If you only got a faint positive on 23 May then on a long cycle you may be barely 6 weeks. Unfortunately all they can do is do another ultrasound at a later date to see what progress is made. It’s horrible that yu have to wait but thats really all you can do. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a good outcome for you. Best of luck.

  61. sarah
    6:44 pm on June 19th, 2013

    i went to dr about 2 wks ago and was told i was 4 to 5 weeks preg.i started spotting an having abdominal pain about 2 weeks later.went to dr today an he showed me my sonagram picture of when i was about 4to 5 weeks an i saw a empty sac he also showed me the picture today of new sonagram still only a sac.he then sent me to some bloodwork today an im to return on wed for results.the first day of my last period was 4-11 an today is this sound like a bo or could it be too soon to see embryo

  62. sarah
    7:00 pm on June 19th, 2013

    also i am not having pregnacy symptoms now i am still spotting an have some abdominal pain but my breast are not tender anymore an i dont have an nauseaness

  63. admin
    8:30 pm on June 19th, 2013

    Hi sarah, if your LMP was 4-11 then you should really be almost 10 weeks by now (although it obviously depends on when you ovulated). You should therefore be able to see more by now if this is the case. However if you have really long cycles then you could be not so far along. But if the doctor says that they could only see an empty sac at this stage then it is quite possible that it is a blighted ovum, particularly if you are spotting and cramping. Having no pregnancy symptoms does not mean much as many people have healthy pregnancies with no symptoms. I’m very sorry if indeed you have a blighted ovum, hopefully your doctor can give you answers soon.

  64. sarah
    5:18 pm on June 20th, 2013

    hi this is sarah again last night i went to restroom an passed a clot of blood today i had to wear a pad an passed a clot an something that resembled a long string with mucous. what do you think this could be

  65. admin
    8:54 pm on June 20th, 2013

    Hi Sarah I’m not a doctor so it’s not right for me to speculate on what this is. From my experience, once something like this happens is could be the start of a miscarriage but having said that people do have bleeding during pregnancy too. Did you get your blood test results to confirm what is happening either way?

  66. sarah
    2:50 pm on June 21st, 2013

    im going to dr today because now its like im having my confused on one thing if this is a bo which i think it is then when i first went to dr i think i was around 4to 5 wks on that sonagram should there have been something showing in the sac

  67. admin
    10:15 am on June 22nd, 2013

    Good luck sarah. If you had 2 sonograms 2 weeks apart then you really should have seen something more than a sac in the second one at least so that would indicate BO. If you are bleeding like this then it is possible that it will soon be over but once again people do bleed during pregnancy but in your case from what you have said it doesn’t look too good I would have to say xx

  68. wiselucky
    10:28 am on June 24th, 2013

    I attended A&E due to spotting the day my pregnancy turned 12 weeks. Me and my husband we shocked that they can see only empty sac. Ultrasound showed growing empty sac as well. It was one of the worse day. It took me 2 weeks to bleed and pass the sac. Now I am 8 weeks pregnant and I am prepared mentally in case it happens again. I am ready for anything bcs the pain I had before trained me to withstand anything in life. I feel sorry for anyone who can go through this bad trial. Good luck to those who want to try to be pregnant again. Strength is required especially to go a day at time. all the best

  69. admin
    6:55 am on June 26th, 2013

    I am so sorry for your loss wiselucky, especially only finding out at 12 weeks. I wish you a healthy pregnancy this time. Chances are slim that it will happen again but you are right all we can do is take it a day at a time. Xx

  70. sarah
    7:17 pm on June 26th, 2013

    hi this is sarah again.dr confirmed it is a bo an gave me 4 pills called misoprostol 100mcg tab.i took them all at one time as subscribed that was on last Friday I am still bleeding an passing clots as of Tuesday with stomach cramps an discomfort.i don’t understand why dr didn’t do a d&c instead of pills according to what ive read the pills are to cause abortion I had already had miscarriage because of bo.can these pills cause some kind of damage to my uterus or stomach lining because I had already been bleeding before I took pills so evidently my body was already releasing sac an tissue.i just don’t see need for pills or understand why I am still in pain.i have a dr appt.on Friday I hope he don’t try to give me more pills.sorry to say I don’t really trust my dr motives he was upset over the fact I was pregnant an seem to be happy over my bo.he doesn’t answer questions when asked informatively an never try to give good understandings to patients conditions.please help thanks

  71. admin
    10:05 am on June 27th, 2013

    Hi sarah I would say that if you are not happy with your doctor then is there any possibility that you can change to another one? I think some docs prefer to use the pills rather than a D&C as it is less invasive. However, most will wait to see if you m/c naturally first. I don’t think there is evidence that the pills can do any damage but I think you do need to wait a few months before you try and get pregnant again but best speak to another doctor if you are worried. x

  72. Michelle
    4:37 pm on July 10th, 2013

    Hi. I went for an ultrasound june 24th and i measured 5 weeks 3 days, all that was seen was an empty sac with an hcg level of 7243. 3 days ( the 27th ) later i went back to ER due to brown discharge, and my levels went up to 17545, which i now is good. On july 4th i should have been 6w 6days, and my levels were 80000. My problem is every pregnancy symptom i had has gone away…i do not feel pregnant anymore, and i have had brownish pinkish spotting since the 26th daily. I have a scan on friday ( the 12th ) so i cant help but have this on my mind. My question is, do my symptoms seem like a blighted ovum? should the tech have been able to see more when i had my scan with levels of 7243? any advice is welcome…thank you for your time :)

  73. Michelle
    4:41 pm on July 10th, 2013

    also forgot to say my GS measured 11 mm on the 24 th when i had my ultrasound….dont know if that means anything ?

  74. Michelle
    5:58 pm on July 10th, 2013

    sorry…forgot one thing….i also have been starting to have mild cramps throughout the day, starting about 4 days ago.

  75. admin
    7:00 pm on July 10th, 2013

    Hi Michelle, this is all so stressful isn’t it?! I would say that if the only ultrasound that you had was at 5 weeks and 3 days then you wouldn’t have seen much more than a sac at that point. The rise in hcg levels is obviously good but as you probably know this can still happen with a blighted ovum. Pregnancy symptoms can come and go and often do so unfortunately that can’t really tell you too much either. You can also have spotting throughout early pregnancy and the fact it is not bleeding is a good sign. Really the only thing to know what is going on is the ultrasound tomorrow. I wish you the best of luck and hope that all turns out ok for you.

  76. Shama
    3:10 am on July 12th, 2013


    I had an icsi cycle. My LMP was on 20 may and egg collection was on 6 june – embryo transfer was done on 11 june. My 1 st beta was 155 on 22 june. Later on 5 july 2013 i had bad lower abdominal and back pain, my beta came at 7950. My first ultrasound was on 11 july and my baby was supposed to 7 week 3 day- but the ultrasound result showed gestational sac measuring 5 week and sac only 1 cm with no heartbeat or yolk sac. They did blood test on 11 july to know my beta level to confirm, and it came 18000. I am very anxious, will my baby grow.Is it blighted ovam? Then why my beta showed high levels. I am very confused. They booked me for 2 nd u/s on 22 july to see if my pregancy is viable. Plz help.

  77. Michelle
    2:47 pm on July 12th, 2013

    it is so stressful!! i go this afternoon, so i will post an update when i know in hopes it can help someone else in the future…regardless what my results are. i just feel like i know my body, and something just doesnt feel right, and it hasnt for a week…..thanks for your response i appreciate it alot :)

  78. admin
    3:40 pm on July 12th, 2013

    Hi Shama, unfortunately it is still possible to have a blighted ovum even in an ivf cycle. At 7w 3d as you know you should see more than a sac and the fact that is was measuring small is not good news. However, this is the reason that they do 2 ultrasounds to confirm a blighted ovum as there could be something missed on the first one. Even with a blighted ovum you still have high hcg levels but I wish you all the best for 22nd July.

  79. Kirsty
    5:41 pm on July 31st, 2013

    I found out I had miscarried on the 24th Jun. I should have been 11 weeks but all they found during my scan was an empty sac which i passed naturally a few days later. Me and my partner had unprotected sex a few times during the following 2 weeks. its now 5 weeks later and i have had faint positive pregnancy tests, as well as 1 pregnant 2-3 weeks test. Is this possible or could it just be remnants or that my hcg levels haven’t fully dropped yet?

  80. admin
    6:16 pm on July 31st, 2013

    Hi Kirsty and sorry for your loss.i had a look back and it took about 2 weeks for my tests to fade out, however, I know that for others ithastaken longer. So it is possible that it is still the hcg from the pregnancy but also could be a new pregnancy. I think the only way to tell is to see if your levels are going up by either getting blood tests done or seeing if your tests are getting darker. I would speak to your doctor and see if you can get tests done. Good luck.

  81. Kirsty
    6:59 pm on July 31st, 2013

    Thank you for your reply. I had blood tests a week ago and called the surgery monday to be told results had been passed to midwife, called back yesterday to be told someone was looking at them and would be in touch this week. I am so confused, 1 minute in the depths of despair and now hopeful but too afraid to want to think anything.

  82. martha
    5:26 pm on August 2nd, 2013

    first US showed ges/yolk sac at 5weeks 5days. second US done 3 days after the first showed no change. should I be worried?

  83. admin
    9:05 am on August 3rd, 2013

    Martha I think it sounds too early to be worried at this stage and also 3 days is a short gap between ultrasounds. However, worry goes along with being pregnant so everyone does it. Hopefully you will see more development if they leave it a week or so until the next ultrasound. Good luck.

  84. Kim Waddington
    2:33 pm on August 5th, 2013

    So by my calander i should be coming up to my 7th week of pregnancy, I went for a scan last Tuesday 30th July after having bad pains on my left side. they did a scan and found an empty sac, but said i may of ovulated later. I was very upset it was empty as had miscarriages before. I had blood tests done and went back in 48hrs later to have more done, they told my my HCG levels on my first test were 12000 and that they should of been able to see something again i burst out crying and went home, they told me they would ring me that day with my second set of bloods.

    so i waited and they rang me at 8.30pm and the senior doc said my HCG had risen by 58% they wanted a 68% rise but she said not to lose hope and has booked me in for a scan on the 11th August, the waiting is killing me, my symptoms gets worse every day.

    do you think there is still hope for me?

  85. pearl
    10:35 pm on August 6th, 2013

    I missed my period and checked at home the line was very fain but positive, i went to see a doc ,my HCG was 119 and the result was weak positive and the doc said its early pregnancy she asked me to visit her after a week,my HCG levels after a week was 340 but nothing seen at 5 weeks, but just that the lining of my uterus was thickened, i was hoping that everything is going to be fine but i just came back from the clinic now, IM 6 weeks 5 days according to my LMP however, no sac n yolk nothing seen at the scanning i insisted my doc to check my HCG levels she said not required n also said may be i will have a miscarriage,and asked me to return after 2 weeks from now im also experiencing some cramping, lower back pain and very light red discharge but no bleeding .just getting prepared for the worst…..neither i feel any symptoms of pregnancy right now. just my breasts are still tender and i feel hungry every 2-4 hours.
    im very upset n see no hopes :((((((((

  86. admin
    11:09 am on August 7th, 2013

    Hi Kim I’m so sorry you are having to go through this stress. If the doctor said not to lose hope then for sure you should not. There is always a chance, particularly if you did ovulate much later. Having said that I think we always protect ourselves against the worst outcome so it is going to be a stressful few days for sure. I wish you the best.

  87. admin
    11:12 am on August 7th, 2013

    Hi Pearl, I will be honest with you and say that if you had hcg increasing from 119 to 340 in one week then this does not look good. In early pregnancy hcg should double every 2-3 days so it should really be higher than that. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Of course there is always a glimmer of hope as you hear stories of women with very slowly increasing hcg that go on to have a successful pregnancy but these are very rare. x

  88. pearl
    2:28 pm on August 8th, 2013

    dear admin sorry for the mistake here i checked hcg on 31/7,13 it was 119 and 2/8/13 it was 340 recently i haven’t checked it as my doc she said not required,My only concern is according to my lmp im 7 weeks but on my scanning the nurse could not see anything even a sac? IS THAT NORMAL? she even said it’s not ectopic, and the doc she said im going to miscarry and asked me to visit her after 2 week’s honestly i just have lil cramping very mild and just from past 2 days i noticed a lil of yellow discharge Im actually not sure about the color…. PLEASE HELP

  89. admin
    3:50 pm on August 8th, 2013

    Ok, well if your hcg doubled in 2 days then that is good. Working from those hcg numbers I would guess that your period would have been due around 1 August (for typical hcg from cases I have seen) so maybe you did ovulate late in that cycle. In which case you would only be 5 weeks now and they couldn’t expect to see anything. I personally don’t think you should give up hope pearl – another scan in 2 weeks will hopefully make things clearer but it does look like you may have ovulated late – I wonder why they did not take that into account? I’ll keep everything crossed for you – let me know how you get on x

  90. Ingrid
    4:23 am on August 18th, 2013

    After what i assumed was my period started five days late and consisted of only a scant amount of dark brown old blood, I went to doc, took a preg test and got my first hcg of 125 at what I now calculate to be 5w 6d. I’ve taken two additional tests, and am now up to 768 at 6w 3d. I am doubling every 72 hours, but my numbers are do low. Coupling the low numbers, is dark brown spotting. I go in on Monday for an US, the doc is suspecting a BO. It is so hard not to know! I am 36, with two ds’s and this would be a blessed little surprise. Could it be viable?

  91. Tiffany bh
    3:49 am on August 20th, 2013

    So last Thursday went for u/s and showed gestational sac and what doctor saidwas a yolk sac. Hcg was ~6400. Two days later hcg was 7300. Any thoughts? Prior to the hcg they said perhaps I ovulated later. Now I’m thinking its likely a bo. :( we go back this Thursday for a follow up ultrasound.

  92. admin
    12:17 pm on August 20th, 2013

    hi Ingrid and sorry for the delay in replying. It does look good news that your hcg is doubling so I would definitely remain positive. I hope you got some good answers at your ultrasound yesterday. Spotting is very common in early pregnancy so may not mean anything.

  93. admin
    12:18 pm on August 20th, 2013

    Hi Tiffany, like you said that is quite slow rising hcg so it sounds like it may not be good news :-( I will keep everything crossed for you and wish you good luck x

  94. Lisa telemaque
    11:47 pm on August 31st, 2013

    I am very worried to know if I had a blighted ovum. My last period was on July 23rd and I used a clearblue 10 day opk which displayed moderate fertility on August 4th. I started to have menstrual like cramps on the 19th but no period. I went to the doctor on August 26th who then drew blood and did an ultrasound which showed a small dot and she could not detect if it was blood or something happening. Later on she called and said I was pregnant because my hcg levels were over 3000. Now I went back today August 31 to see progress but there was only a sac with yolk but no embryo seen. She said everything had looked ok but them later she called and said she wants me to come back next week to take another look because my hcg has risen but it did not double. basically in her own words it did not rise as high as she expected it to be..I experience mild cramping but not everyday. I am really nervous and I’m hoping for the best. I’m wondering if it is too early?

  95. Lisa telemaque
    12:02 am on September 1st, 2013

    The doctor did say she is not overly concerned at this point

  96. admin
    8:00 am on September 2nd, 2013

    Hi lisa, I think it is still really early to be able to tell if it s a blighted ovum but obviously slow rising hcg is not a great sign. All still could be fine though especially as your doctor is not overly worried. I wish you good luck.

  97. Lisa telemaque
    1:49 pm on September 9th, 2013

    Just wanted to update you that I went back today and saw the fetal pole and heartbeat..7 weeks and everything looks good ..Thanks so much for your well wishes..

  98. admin
    2:52 pm on September 9th, 2013

    That is brilliant news Lisa, I am so pleased for you. Thanks for coming back to update :-)