What Are The Causes of Miscarriage?

April 26, 2012


When asking this in the concept particularly of those who have experienced a miscarriage and in particular a blighted ovum, women are more often than not wondering of there was something that they could have done to stop a miscarriage occurring.

Without going into medical speak of why miscarriages can occur, as there are plenty of medical websites that will give you the official technical medical reasons, the long and the short of it is that there is really not much that you could have done to avoid a miscarriage (if anything at all).

Most miscarriages are caused by genetic abnormalities which means that there is ultimately no chance that the embryo would survive. This is destined to happen when that particular egg met that sperm and there is no avoiding it. Of course there are other reasons for a miscarriage but the majority of those that happen in early pregnancy (before 13 weeks) are completely unavoidable.

The main thing that you can do to help prevent any miscarriage is to stop drinking alcohol, do not take drugs and to take folic acid as soon as (although preferably before) you know you are pregnant.  You can still do medium level exercise as you would have done before (although don’t let your heart rate get too or and don’t get overheated), but essentially, if you have a healthy embryo, then it is going to be very difficult to ‘dislodge’ that embryo from the lining of your uterus.

If you have had a miscarriage then really try not to blame yourself for this. There really was nothing that you could have done to avoid it. If you are suffering from multiple miscarriages then it is advisable to have some tests done by your doctor as there may be something that can be done to stop this from happening again. But in most cases it is just a case of very unfortunate bad luck and it will likely not be repeated.

Stop Your Worrying

It is easy to say but if you find yourself pregnant again after a miscarriage then try not to stress too much about it – there is nothing that you can do and stress will really not help you at that time.

If needs be try and do some stress relieving and calming exercises or you can check out some kinds of hypnotic or subliminal messaging techniques that may be able to calm you and reduce stress. Check this one out for example.


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